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A Block Party


The 2020 school year will have a new blocked scheduling in place, ending the years of regular classes. North students and staff share their opinions and concerns for the new schedules.

With 2020 right around the corner, the new decade is approaching quickly. Some can only predict what the next ten years may bring for us all; some things are already set into stone. Following Carmel High School and other larger schools, BCSC will be including blocked schedules into their local High Schools. The new scheduling will, according to the board, allow a healthier learning environment for all students. However, some students still feel more concerned than reassured.

To some, the change is seen as not so helpful. Sophomore, Lillie Tickle, is against the new schedules. 

“I’m extremely pessimistic about the schedules and I can’t think of any reason why I would want it to change. Teachers will have to change their whole schedules. It seems more trouble than it’s worth.” Tickle said.

 Tickle is not the only one who has concerns to express about the new scheduling. Freshman Daniel Utterback also has his own thoughts.

 “I feel the change from normal scheduling will cause distress. Most kids would be more likely to act out in these longer periods.” Utterback said. 

Students that have pre-existing learning difficulties could experience trouble when trying to pay attention for long periods of time.

However, the social studies chair,  Laurie Martin, believes the new schedules will bring benefits that North students may have overlooked.

 “So as of right now, teachers have to take attendance, get the class settled down, and then the time at the end of the class were students are packing up to leave. So with the schedules teachers are gaining more time to teach and to have students learn more collaboratively. Also, students only have to worry about four classes a day. That’s only four homework assignments a night. And then if you have any concerns over the homework they can see those teachers the next day and ask questions still.” Martin said.

 Despite the doubts, the scheduling brings many benefits to students. 

“When we’ve visited schools we asked the kids if they preferred the blocked schedules and the majority of them do.” Martin said.

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