COVID-19 Booster Shot to be Released in Coming Months

Students discuss why they got the COVID-19 sshor and if they would consider getting the booster shot


COVID-19 has produced 10,134 positive tests in Columbus since March of 2020. The COVID vaccine was hoped to be a light at the end of the tunnel, until the Delta variant become prevelant this summer. However, health care professionals are now advising a second booster shot in the upcoming months. Junior Reina Shibata knew she wanted to get the first COVID shot as soon as it came out for the health of her and her family.
“My mom is a nurse, and she wanted to be vaccinated. Also, my grandparents have health conditions so I did it for their health,” Shibata said.
She didn’t have any symptoms herself, but she did have a couple friends who experienced some minor symptoms. When the booster shot becomes available, Shibata feels that she and most of her friends would be on board to get it.
“If it came out, yes. I think most of my friends are vaccinated, and we all think the same for the most part,” Shibata said.
Senior Macy Euler also got the initial vaccine feeling that by getting the vaccine she would be benefiting herself and others.
“I thought that if I got the vaccine I would be doing my part and hopefully not have to wear masks at school,” Euler said. “I thought it would be in my best interest.”
Many people experience symptoms in different ways. Euler had more significant symptoms after getting the vaccine.

“After both doses of the shot, I experienced headache, nausea, and flu symptoms. It only lasted aday,” Euler said.

Euler hasn’t heard any information about the upcoming booster shot, however, she is optimistic about getting it if it will benefit her and her peers.
“I think people that are healthy and can get it [the booster shot]should. If people get it we will be one step closer to getting this whole problem resolved” Euler said.