Fiesta Latina kicked off on Oct. 2

Columbus celebrated the ‘Fiesta Latina’ to express hispanic culture to the surrounding community


Diversity is a huge part of the community in Columbus, and even though there have been some struggles, citizens are still finding ways to celebrate different cultures in a small town. The recent pandemic has affected everyone’s ability to celebrate cultural diversity in the way they normally would, and pollution in Columbus is continuing to grow, but this year citizens are working around it to create an Ethnic Expo that will never be forgotten.
Due to COVID-19 the Ethnic Expo was been separated into different weekends and each weekend will celebrate a certain culture. The next celebration will be the Fiesta Latina.
Sophomore Valeria Gomez is excited for the people of Columbus to learn about latinx culture.
“There are a lot of things that people don’t know about latinx culture, Gomez said. “Foods, traditions, those sorts of things.’’
Gomez also mentions how she thinks the Ethnic Expo is important to the community of Columbus as a whole.
“I think it’s a great way to celebrate different cultures and teach people about them,” Gomez said.
Columbus is still celebrating the Ethnic Expo and the cultures surrounding the community during the pandemic, despite other problems that affect community members.
As pollution in Columbus continues to grow, whether it be trash on the side of the road, or increasing carbon emissions, senior Tiffany Fu and the North Environmental Club are volunteering at the Fiesta Latina to help with their new, eco-friendly, solutions.
“This year we are working with the city council,” Fu said. “The advisory board reached out to me and asked if I could get some members to help out with that.”
Fu and the Environmental Club have helped at previous Ethnic Expos as well and they plan to help in the ways they have in the past.
“At the event we set up little recycling centers next to the trash cans and have people stand there to make sure that the waste is being properly taken care of,” Fu said.