The Holiday Way

As Thanksgiving gets closer, controversy on whether stores should stay open on this special day arise


Deshna Venkatachalam, Contributor

Weather gets colder, leaves start to change and the smell of pumpkin spice fills enclosed spaces. Families start making plans as soon as these signs occur in hopes of having a great Thanksgiving. All the while, managers are employing people to work on what is supposed to be a day of thanks and family. The controversy on whether stores should be open on Thanksgiving grows more and more. Thanksgiving, on Nov. 25, is a day of family. People should still be working, not at stores, but on making the best thanksgiving feast possible. If needed, stores like CVS should stay open in case of an emergency, but even then, only voluntary employees should be allowed to work. The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. A time when people line up at store doors for hours waiting for them to open. A time where almost every store has great deals and gets emptied the first few hours of the doors opening. Since COVID-19 last year, stores have resorted to online deals. This seems to be the safest way for Black Friday to still happen. Due to COVID-19 still being a problem, stores should be considering strictly online orders. This allows for safer shopping and also allows the employees to spend time with family as they do not have to go in for work. People should not be forced to spend the 25th working on restocking clothes or checking out the food.