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Time For A Change?

Social media has a huge effect on me. It makes me feel like I either need to be better or that I’m not good enough. For me Instagram is the worst social media for my life. The only social media apps I have are Snapchat, Instagram, and Youtube. The worst one, Instagram, is so beyond brainwashing. I could spend hours upon hours scrolling through posts I could really care less about. I don’t realize how bad it is for me to be on it until I delete it about once a month. 

Social media doesn’t just affect me mentally but it affects the way I act. After I have spent the whole night in my room alone sending endless Snapchats, watching every Youtube video on my recommended page,  and looking through everyone’s life on Instagram; I realize that I should have been out interacting with my family. I feel so bad after I scroll for hours but I keep doing it, it’s a cycle at this point. It starts with me telling myself when I first get home and lay down that I’m going to be productive and interactive with my family, before I know it the whole night is over and I feel bad and say I’m not going to do it again. Never fails I do it more days of the week than I would like to admit to. You could look at it as an addiction at this point. Snapchat is another story. I feel without Snapchat I have no way of interaction or contact with anyone. I feel so cut off and that I’m missing everything.

The effects of social media have changed everything. It changes my thoughts, to my feelings which reflects the way I act. It makes me think I need things that aren’t important. It makes us all the same. With social media we all dress the same, and want the same stuff. I feel like it has made us all at least a little dryer. I think that we should all try or make a goal to cut back on the use of social media or even try a day without. Maybe we’ll realize our addiction is bigger and worse than we thought.

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