Veggie Livin’

Senior Sanjana Jain elaborates on aspects of her vegetarian lifestyle


Josie Elwood, Section editor

People choose to be vegan, vegetarian, or even pescatarian for a number of reasons. Some want to promote animal conservation, while others wish to abide by their religious beliefs. Either way, choosing to lead a food-restrictive lifestyle comes with dietary choices that differ from the norm. Senior Sanjana Jain, a vegetarian, discusses her normal diet along with what makes up her meals. “In terms of what we eat, most of our meals are made up of vegetables,” Jain said. “A lot of them are plant based or in a broth of some sort.” Jain explained that using vegetarian alternatives for meat was due to personal preferences. “Plant based meat does exist, but I’ve grown up never even seeing meat in my household,” Jain said. “So, even now I don’t want to try things that resemble meat because I know there are alternatives that generally taste better.” However, Jain’s decision to live the lifestyle of a vegetarian comes from more than simply her wish to not eat meat. “The reason I’m vegetarian is due to my religion,” Jain said. “It’s a religious belief based on non-violence which is why I don’t eat any fish, eggs, or general meat.” Jain’s religious beliefs impact her diet in ways that differ from her friends, but that does not stop them from accommodating her dietary needs. “Most of my friends do eat meat. A couple of them are vegetarian but to a lesser extent, so I think some of them just don’t eat red meat,” Jain said. “When we go out to eat, they are very considerate about going to places that offer things I can eat.” Furthermore, Jain discusses a local food service that she feels effectively adjusts its food content to satisfy her and her family’s dietary preferences. “In Columbus, Thai Connection is really good about modifying their menu. We go there and tell them to take out any meat in a specific dish,” Jain said. “My favorite meal is the Spaghetti Padd Ga Prow which is like a noodle dish.”