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Should freshman be allowed to go off Campus?


Freshman having to eat in the cafeteria might be one of the biggest debates among freshman. Should the rule change? Should freshman be allowed to leave campus? These are the main questions that freshman ask every year. As a freshman myself, I think that we should be allowed to go off campus. Since we have made it to high school I think this gives us the chance to show that we have grown up. This would be a time that we can show our maturity. Even if we couldn’t find a ride to a restaurant farther than walking distance there are plenty of places you can go that are nearby. What if we could prove ourselves responsible to go off campus. We could show that our grades and attendance are above a C. This could also give people the motivation to have good grades and attendance. With the motivation for good grades this could lead to bigger success for our academics.

Having the ability to go off campus could also help us get some fresh air and exercise for the forty-five minutes we would have outside. According to the huffington post research shows that spending time in the fresh air helps increase energy in 90 percent of people. This could help us stay focused and pay attention better in classes. Just having a change can help us stay focused in classes. Since lunch is in the middle of the day this would give us a nice break between our classes to have a break and regroup before the rest of our classes. These are a few reasons why I think freshmen should have the freedom of  going off campus for lunch.

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