Yes We Can


Josie Elwood, Section editor

As the giving season approaches, student assembly starts to prepare for the annual can drive. Can Drive is one of North’s most important and cherished events of the year. Not only does it give back to the community, but it also makes all who donate feel like they are making a positive impact. Any student or teacher can drop off canned goods in the Commons under the Christmas tree.

Sophomore Fisher Mantooth discusses what members of Student Assembly do to prepare for can drive. There is a lot of time and energy that goes into this event. “First, we hang hangers to give people an idea of when we will be collecting cans. Then, we go to their house and pick up cans for families who need food,” Mantooth said.

Can Drive is in November and December. Donating cans during this time of year makes it even more meaningful for students.

Junior Zoe Bishop is also a member of student assembly and explains the end process.

“On the last day of school, we all get together in the Commons and make boxes to sort the cans so that each family can get a certain number. Then, we deliver them to different families that need it,” Bishop said. Anyone can donate cans for this event. Once all the cans are collected, students will take the cans and distribute them. The cans will go to one of two places in the community. “We take the cans to a church and whoever needs them will go there. We deliver some to people’s houses” said Bishop.

Bishop also shares what makes can drive so special to her. “It makes me feel good that I’m doing something, especially around Christmas time when there’s families who really need help.”

Anyone is welcome to donate for this cause. If there are any questions, social studies teacher Dan Marsh and Assistant Principal Jenn Hester are the coordinators for can drive.