Show Time


Alex Osburn

Cheers rise up from the audience like a wave. Electricity runs across the stage as every performer moves in sync. Judges scrutinize every note and movement. Members of North Stars and Vocal Pointe, North’s all-girls and mixed show choirs, respectively, have been training tirelessly for the experience of the third quarter competition season since late summer. 

Junior Ella Fisher, who participates in North Stars and Vocal Pointe, believes rehearsals help to fine-tune the performance and to improve the on-stage dynamic.

“If we’re not agreeing with each other or something, conflict is going on, you can tell that in the dancing because we’re not together, we’re frustrated,” Fisher said. “Practicing outside of [after school rehearsal] time and in class helps us all look uniform as one group instead of just individuals.”

Senior McCarty Elliott, who is part of Vocal Pointe, thinks the effort level in these rehearsals determines how effective they are.

“I think it [practice] does [help] as long as everybody wants it and stays on task and does the best they can,” Elliott said. “We’ve had, especially I’ve heard in the past years, that there’s been too much slacking off to get ready.”

Sophomore Fisher Mantooth, who is in Vocal Pointe, shares how this rehearsal atmosphere changes as competitions approach.

“At the beginning, it’s more chill, we’re just reviewing, and then as we get closer to competitions we start cleaning and nitpicking to make it perfect for the competition,” Mantooth said.

In the final weeks before competitions, nerves can cause tension among show choir members.

“Everybody is stressed and mean and we all understand that that’s how it’s going to be until after, and then we’re all smiley faces and hugging and taking pictures,” Elliott. “It’s just a very nerve-wracking, stressful environment when you get closer.”

Even though it can be a stressful time, freshman Sarah Gross is looking forward to the competition experience.

“I’m really excited about it,” Gross said. “I think it’ll be really fun, and it’s different to perform in front of judges and other show choirs because the atmosphere is different. They know what you’re doing.”

Having been in past competitions, Fisher feels confident about the choirs’ preparation this year.

“I actually feel really good about competitions this year,” Fisher said. “I think we’re so much further ahead than we have been in past years.”