Finishing Strong


Alyssa Green, Contributor

Six months left of high school, and about three weeks left of the first semester. As seniors still have these crucial months left before graduation, students are still staying focused on passing semester classes required for graduation. For the necessary senior project class, senior Carlos Fabian saw the stress of his last year of high school, and is making his school work a priority for his graduation.

“It has been really interesting, I have to say that it has been more stressful than others considering all the work we had to do as seniors inside and outside the classroom, college applications, essays, senior projects, research papers, etc,” Fabian said. “It is just a really hectic semester in general.”

With the stress, the senior project class Fabian is taking has felt the importance in taking this class although it is a semester long.

It was definitely faster than a normal class, but significant enough to make it more challenging,” Fabian said.

Along with taking semester classes senior year, senior Nicole Meza has continued to finish off her year with taking required classes, which has added to her stress.

“At times it feels like we’re going through the material too quickly, and there’s no room to breathe after each chapter,” Meza said. “Once we take a test, we usually have another one the following week.”

Additionally, Meza comments on her opinions regarding full year classes.

“I prefer year-long classes because you get to be around the same people and teachers for a longer duration of time,” Meza said

Meza offers advice for success in semester-long classes.

“I would like to have known that the class would end so fast and try to get as much out of it every day,” Meza said. “Ask as many questions and really learn the most on these smaller time frames.”