Students Plan to Fly for the Holidays


Deshna Venkatachalam, Contributor

For many, winter break is about spending time with family and friends, enjoying time off and/or Christmas, enjoying New Years, and lastly…vacation. Students at Columbus North are traveling all over for winter, including out of the country. Freshman Ishita Kute talks about her plans to go to the Dominican Republic over Christmas. “I’m leaving on Dec. 23 and I’ll be there for six days,” Kute said. Kute is planning on going with her three other families and has a few things planned for her trip.

“For Christmas we have this restaurant reserved for the 4 families, and then we have scuba diving lessons and stuff,” Kute said.

The families also have plans to go to a water resort and the beach. Freshman Briney Lopez, on the other hand, doesn’t have much planned but is heading to Greece for her break. “We’re going to go look at the beautiful sites and visit new places there,” Lopez said. Lopez and her family have been to many different places such as the Dominican Republic, Germany, and Mexico. She enjoys traveling and being on planes.

“My family is the type to see where the day takes us. We like to try new things every day rather than the same,” Lopez said. Although being a traveling family, they prefer to have a loose schedule and not be in a hurry to do anything. Traveling over break is ideal, but COVID still remains to be a problem. “We couldn’t go anywhere last year, but this year we have all of our vaccines so we aren’t really worried about that, but just like if the borders get closed we can’t go,” Kute said.

Lopez on the other hand does not have any concerns thus far. “I plan to take many pictures and also try new foods,” Lopez said.