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Is this school year going by fast or slow?


Have you ever been assigned a big project not due for another four months? Last year I was told on the first day of school that we had a 65 paragraph paper due in APUSH at the end of the semester. I, of course, told myself that I would work on it a little bit each day and gradually finish the monster essay. Time passed and I hadn’t even touched it. How did three months pass by already? It had only felt like two weeks. I think many students feel this way, especially seniors. We get caught up in applying to colleges, finishing senior projects, and figuring out who we want to be. I think that some classes help the school year go by slower so students don’t feel as overwhelmed. One class that has really helped me pace myself is ‘Career Information and Exploration’, also known as “the senior project class”. I have it first period with Mr. Seavers and it helps me keep my senior project organized and on track for completion.

In the beginning of my senior year, I still felt like an underclassman. It hadn’t processed in my brain that I only had two more semesters until I finish with high school. I would run around with friends every day until late at night and then stay up passed eleven studying and doing homework. I didn’t put into consideration that I had more tasks than usual due to senior requirements. Most seniors have to deal with applying to colleges, taking the SAT and ACT, and register for scholarships. My situation is much easier, I applied to Trevecca Nazarene University on July 1st and was accepted with a $32,000 scholarship. I am extremely blessed compared to many other seniors that get cheated out on scholarships. I think that this school year is going very fast because of how much stress has been relieved due to my college situation.

In addition to the stress relief, I think that I have been more positive this year than I have in the past three years. In my opinion, being positive makes the school year go by faster and when you are negative and grumpy, the school year goes by slower. Last year, I was very stressed out about graduating high school and getting into college. This year, I’m not worried since I have almost completed all of my credits and been admitted to my dream college. I’ve realized that when you focus on the positive things and trust that things will be okay, you feel much better and the school year seems easier and goes by faster.

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