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A Fresh Take on Clean Eating: CNHS students describe life as a vegetarian or vegan


The world shouts in excitement as the hands of every clock align at 12:00. It is the official start to the new year, and CNHS students are looking to kick off 2019 in the right way by eating their vegetables. Kate Kolhouse, Matison Walsh, and Kalissa Gambrel are 3 of these individuals that are pledging their allegiance to vegetables by shifting their lifestyle to be a vegan or a vegetarian.

“I’m a Vegetarian, so I do no meat and no fish or any other type of seafood,” sophomore Kate Kolhouse said. “I’m also an athlete, and I’ve always heard that some athletes find it very beneficial to not eat meats and it has helped improve their performance. I wanted to see if that happened for me.”

However, health reasons are not the only factor drawing CNHS students towards the vegan or vegetarian diet. Protecting the planet plays a crucial role in the appeal, as well.

“I became vegan basically for the environment. A lot of people say that cars are destroying the environment, but truly it’s animal agriculture and how we produce meat. It’s also really bad for world hunger,” sophomore Matison Walsh said.

Walsh is not a stranger to the no-meat lifestyle. In fact, she has been advocating for more vegetables for nearly four years.

“I have been vegan since January 1, 2019, so not that long. But, I have been fully vegetarian since September of 2015, so over three years,” Walsh said.

Since the start of their journey, Walsh, Kolhouse, and Gambrel have seen significant improvement in their overall health, and they have experienced additional personal benefits, as well.

“I think a personal benefit is that I eat a lot more vegetables and fruits, and being away from meat means that I can try new foods,” junior Kalissa Gambrel said.

Overall, these CNHS students are quite impressed with the results of the no-meat lifestyle, to the extent that they would recommend the switch to anyone interested.

“I really think that the world is turning into a better place faster and faster everyday, and more people know what’s being put in their food,” Walsh said. “Therefore, I want everyone to be vegan or at least vegetarian.”

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