Race Against Time

I speed walk to class, passing and cutting people off just so I won’t be late. I constantly look down at my phone, checking the time to make sure I get there when the bell rings. Six minutes to get from class to class is not enough.

With the school being so big and having the amount of students it has, six minute passing periods are a pain. Students have to race against the clock everyday, and it is a struggle. There is pushing, shoving and speed walking through every hallway from students who do not want to get a tardy from their teachers. Some wait in line for minutes just to use the restroom and are penalized with a tardy or detention. Others have classes on the opposite side of the school, and are expected to sprint from corner to corner in less than six minutes. The locker usage is very low because students do not have time to go to their lockers in the short amount of time they have after each class. There are multiple things that need to get done after class, but not enough time is given.

Passing periods are too short, and in results students are getting punished. I think they should be extended to at least 10 minutes. That way it would give students the chance to take care of all their business before going to class. Whether they are going to their locker or using the restroom, students should no longer have to worry about being late to class. Short passing periods are making things more complicated than they need to be.

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