New Restaurants in Columbus


As the 2018 year continues Columbus has and will be seeing more new restaurants coming to us. Panda Express and McAlister’s Deli are set to open in the coming months. Fresh Take kitchen , which has already opened, has been a big hit in Columbus. Fresh Take Kitchen took the place of Soups by Design. It is a quick and easy way to grab food that is healthy and fresh. According to their goal is not to have the food sitting around waiting for you but to have it as delicious and fresh as possible.

McAlister’s Deli will be located between Wendy’s and Buffalo Wild Wings on Interstate Road 46. McAlister’s Deli offers soups, sandwiches, and salads along with some delicious desserts. With a wide variety of prices this would be an excellent place to grab a quick lunch on your lunch break. According to the republic, McAlister’s construction should be finished sometime in July

Panda Express is will be also entering our little town of Columbus will be coming this year too. They are expected to ready to go and serving food by the end of the year. At Panda Express you can build your own plate with what you want. They serve a wide variety of Chineses food.