Dangerous Rays


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If you’ve been tanning you may not know of the dangers it can have on your skin. There have been many recent studies that say tanning can cause damage later on in your life. Although there are risks of skin damage and premature aging some students at North still take time to go to the tanning bed. Senior Sierra Drysdale and sophomore Brooklyn Sutton share their opinions on this topic.

Both students go to the tanning beds at Total Tan here in Columbus. Drysdale says she tans about one or two times a week. While Sutton says she tans maybe twice a month.

“I’ve been tanning for around a year maybe a little longer but physically I have not felt or seen any differences on my body or skin,” said Sutton

However, Sutton says her mom has brown spots on her skin from going to the tanning bed. According to skincancer.org, if you go to the tanning bed you will sustain skin cell damage and that it could lead to premature aging and skin cancer. Drysdale says she’s never noticed a difference in her skin quality and will continue to tan even with the risks.

“Sometimes I think I could get skin cancer, but I really don’t think much about these effects because I believe I don’t over due it at the tanning bed and I will continue to go,” said Drysdale.

Therefore, going to the tanning bed does come with risks, but it is not always unsafe. Drysdale believes it could be unhealthy to an extent

“The way I tan and the amount I go I don’t believe it’s unhealthy, but those who go everyday for long periods of times I believe that unhealthy,” said Drysdale.