Culver Invite


Photo by Cole Bennett

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The Culver Invite is Sept. 24, in Culver at 8:30 a.m. This is no ordinary meet for the Columbus North cross country team.

“The Culver meet is really awesome because it’s like a little cross country homecoming,” sophomore Emma Lawson said.

Lawson went on to explain that this meet is different because the team gets to spend the night in Culver and they dress up for the homecoming get-together later that night.

“We vote cross country homecoming kings and queens for the seniors and princes and princesses for the other grades,” she said.

As far as competition goes, Lawson said, “Culver is pretty easy to beat. We’ve beaten them in the past.”

Lawson shares why she likes the Culver meet.

“I really like the Culver meet because it is a fun time to hang out with the team and have fun before the meet in the morning,” she said. “I also really like the shirts.”