Learning to Teach

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C4 gives students multiple opportunities to grow and learn about an interest a student has in a possible career option. Education Professions is one of these opportunities presented to students. Senior Alexia Estep is one of the students participating in Education Professions.

“Education Professions is a class where you get experience in the teaching profession before you start a college degree,” Estep said. “You can take Education Professions your junior or senior year for two or three periods. It just gets you ready for a career in education.”

In Education Professions, students are taught different skill sets that potentially benefit a career in teaching.

“In the class you learn the teaching history and different types of teaching, how to create and teach lessons, and how to be creative and open minded with your students,” Estep said. “We do a lot of hands on activities and working in groups.”

The different activities students do in Education Professions shows them a glimpse of what it is like to be

“For hands on or jobsite activities we work with the kids making activities and lesson plans,” Estep said. “Going and working with these kids has helped me learn that I definitely want to be a teacher. I’m definitely getting the right experience working with the different age groups.”

Education Professions even gives students the choice of experiencing which grade students would prefer teaching.

“Last year I went to Smith, my old elementary school, and I worked with the sixth graders. I want to work with that age group just because they are getting ready for middle school,” Estep said. “This year I tried teaching seventh grade math, and I want to stick with elementary school instead of middle school just because I want to be able to teach different subjects.”