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An hour of working a minimum wage job will earn you $7.25. This number becomes even smaller after taxes. However, multiple North students have found a job that will earn them much higher than minimum wage, and most of the time, it can be done from their own bedroom. These students have started an account on Instagram for selling or reselling clothes and other items as a way to earn cash simply through using their phone.

“I found that I have an excessive amount [of clothes] that I no longer wear and they tend to just hang around my room untouched,” junior Tamika Toral said. So I decided to put them to use.”

According to Toral, selling clothes through Instagram isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

“I started an account to sell clothes around the middle of September,” Toral said. “Within less than a month of having the account on Instagram, I have made roughly about $150 off of selling clothes.”

Having an online presence plays a huge factor in having a successful clothes selling account.

“In order to gather attention to the account, I made use of my other social media accounts,” Toral said. “I have a decent following on both Snapchat and Instagram and created attention through the two sources.”

Compared to other apps, Instagram may be more effective for selling clothes because of its highly visual interface. Poshmark is one example of an app whose main purpose is selling clothes.

“I actually have already hada Poshmark for awhile,” Toral said. “However, I decided to use Instagram over other platforms of social media because there were many people who recommended me to Instagram. Initially, I have had better luck through Instagram as well.”

Others have found success selling on the photo social media platform as well, and not just with clothes. Junior Will King uses Instagram to buy and sell exclusive shoes and other items from select brands, such as Yeezy, Off-White, and Supreme.

The large resale community on Instagram provides King a network for selling his items as well as connections to other people that do the exact same thing he does.

“There’s thousands of accounts. A lot of people don’t know about them. It’s kind of private from personal Instagrams,” King said.

According to King, knowing what to buy, when to buy, and the price at which to buy has helped him become successful reselling.

“I started getting attention just from posting a lot that was really exclusive, and then just interacting with everyone in the reselling community on Instagram.”

Overall, King has made $5000 through selling, making reselling on Instagram overall a fairly profitable venture for him.

“I’ve sold an item maybe at a discounted price, but I try not to have anything just lying around,” King said.

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