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What Happened to the Parking Lot?


Many students are frustrated with the changes that took place this year. Not everyone enjoys change but they should learn to embrace it. Everything that has changed was for the better of the corporation and saving money in the long run. It was also for the safety of students that ride transfer buses to North.

The only change that happened reguarding the parking is the west lot, the lot beside the tennis court, as it is unavailable for student use. The lot is closed for the transfer buses that come to North after school.

“North High School is a bus transfer location, East is and Southside. Half the buses are coming with kids to transfer. It’s a more efficient way to do it I guess, cost wise. But we were maxed out last year. And like I said before, there’s six buses in this lot [west lot]. That is why the lot is closed,” asst. prinicipal, Mr. Green said, “Its just pretty complex.”

There are elementary and special services buses that load and unload kids in that lot. This can be quite dangerous without the help of crossing guards the the corporation has provided.

“Everything’s the same they just can’t use that lot,” Green said, “It’s only a P.M. deal.”

Since the lot is needed for the buses only in the afternoon students are not allowed to park there at any time during the day. In the afternoon it makes things harder in the main lots because it’s harder for students to leave which can become a real problem if they have to arrive at work at a certain time.

“We understand that changing things is hard on students and we also know how difficult it can be to get out of the north lot at the end of a school day,” dean, Mr. Ferguson said, “We hope our students can understand that our corporation is trying to make the best decisions for transportation and this is what they felt [it] was necessary.”

Change is a not always a good thing but it the changes are for the safety of the students on those buses.

“Students need to remember that this was not a choice made by our school and that it was a choice made by the corporation. They need to try to embrace the change and try to understand why these had to happen.” Ferguson said.

Photo by: Mr. Ferguson

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