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A Leapling in 2016


The chances of having a birthday on Leap Day are one in 1,461. Sophomore Alyssa George is one of the few who will be celebrating hers this year on the 29th.

“I do enjoy having a leap year birthday,” George said. “It’s something interesting I can tell friends.”

Leap Day is a unique day, only occurring once every four years, with some exceptions. It was added to keep our calendars aligned with Earth’s seasons as well as the Gregorian calendar. Around 4.1 million people have a birthday on this infrequent day.

“People are always really surprised when I tell them, but then it’s funny how quickly they forget and ask me a few days later when my birthday is,” George said.

A common problem among “leaplings”, people born on Leap Day, is when to celebrate their birthday on non-leap years. Some choose to celebrate a day early, or one day late.

“I usually celebrate my birthday on February 28, since I think it’s better to celebrate my birthday in the same month,” George said. “I feel the same way about this birthday as I do about any other, except that this time there’s more meaning and I am excited that I can tell people that I am 4.”

George is just treating her 16th, or 4th technical birthday, normally.

“I have no special plans for this year. I will still just be having a birthday party with a few friends,” George said.

Despite not having a real birth date each year, George says she enjoys her birthday and that it hasn’t caused her any problems.

“Having a leap day birthday has never really hindered me,” George said. “But it has provided an answer when teachers ask at the beginning of the year for every student to say something unique about themselves.”

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