Can Drive


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Christmas is not just about receiving, it is also about giving. Every year Student Assembly organizes an annual Can Drive that helps less fortunate families during the holidays.

“Can Drive is important because it provides food for the less fortunate individuals in our community,” senior Vedant Kar said. “On average, I go collect cans twice a week.”

Can Drive is one of the biggest events that Student Assembly organizes. The can collections take place throughout Nov. and Dec. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, members go around town to collect cans and possibly money. The cans are brought back to school and are put under the Christmas tree in the commons.

“I think the goals this year is 20,015 cans,” said Kar.

Thousands of cans are collected throughout both months. From the beginning of Nov. to Dec. 7, 5,100 cans have been collected and $822.24 has been raised.  

“My favorite part about Can Drive is going out with friends and knowing that I’m helping to benefit our community,” Kar said.

The Can Drive distribution is going to be on Dec. 18. During the distribution day Student Assembly spends the day organizing and packaging the items. Afterwards they are separated into groups to distribute the food.