Musical Performance Workshop


Ruth Yezerets

The sounds of explosive acapella percussion reverberated around the auditorium Tuesday, Oct. 27. After the bell to dismiss the last class rang, choir students like sophomore Kaeleigh Hacker remained in the auditorium to take photos with guest speaker Paul Sperrazza. Mr. Sperrazza, a member of the professional acapella group Toxic Audio, led the students in an interactive beatboxing and musical performance workshop. Sperrazza worked with the 84 students that attended to focus on performance etiquette such as singing to the audience, putting your heart into the music and becoming comfortable on stage. 

“I’m not in theater, but I’m in North Stars,” Hacker said. “I think it’ll help with choir and solos.”

To become a member of North Stars, the all-girls’ show choir group, one must be able to sing and dance. The workshop also showed Hacker how to work on her confidence in her performances.

“It definitely helped me come out of my shell.”