Poetry Out Loud

Poetry Out Loud is a club full of kids that love poetry or just want a deeper dive into their relationships with classmates. The club meets twice a month in room 1313, for about an hour after school.

“Meetings include snacks, an icebreaker or fun activity, discussion of a poet or specific style of poetry, and time to work on our poems and share them with the group,” club sponsor Amy McInteer said. 

The group usually has 10-12 members and sometimes will attend poetry readings together outside of school, but these are not mandatory. 

Poetry Out Loud will resume meetings after school in the second quarter, and has not yet had a meeting this school year. If you have any questions about the club or other questions for Ms. McInteer, you can contact her at mcinteera@bcsc.k12.in.us or stop by room 1313.

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  • The club sounds really interesting, so great job with the description. Although, it did seem a little informal. I think a better way to open it would be changing the word “kids” to individuals, students, or peers. Also, I would have loved a photo or a visual included such as a picture of the flyer or a picture of Amy Mclnteer, becasue I don’t her. Overall, well done, but could use some improvement.
    Don’t worry, you’ll get there! :)

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