Double Standards


Domain Administrator

In today’s society there are many double standards about men and women. Such as men can’t wear makeup and women can’t cut their hair short. Most people who go against those standards may get fun of. Now there are many men on YouTube that are into makeup and they even have their own makeup brand. Examples of those people are Jeffree Star and James Charles, they have exploded in the makeup community for the past couple of years but they haven’t had an easy journey to success. They had to push through all of the hate that they got from people all over social media. Eventually it was becoming a more common thing and people started to accept the fact that they do their makeup.

There are also stereotypes in professional sports. Most of the men athletes make more money than the women athletes that play the same sports. Like the women’s soccer team when they won the world cup they did not get paid as much as when the men’s soccer team won. This happens not only in professional sports but also in school. Some of the men’s sports teams get more attention and more money than the girls team. 

In conclusion, I think that there will always be double standards in society. People will always have an opinion on what other people should and should not do in their life. Double standards have been around for a long time and I don’t expect them to go anywhere anytime soon. There are stereotypes regarding all things with men and women but if enough people stand up for what they believe in this issue could be resolved.