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Exercising a Right


What you need to know about the upcoming election.

This week, 18-year-olds from all across the nation are preparing to vote for their first time. On Nov. 6, students at CNHS will be choosing candidates to fill national, state, and local offices. Many students are ready to give their input by voting, including senior Sydney Geckler.

“I think it’s important because it’s a fundamental right that every citizen over 18 years old has and I think that they should take advantage of this,” Geckler said. “It’s a privilege that we have, and I think that it’s really important to make your voice heard in politics and in the United States.”

Voting is the only direct way for citizens to make a difference, but some choose not to exercise their right to vote.

“[Voting is] a privilege that we have, and I think that it’s really important to make your voice heard.”

Senior Sydney Geckler

According to, millennials represented almost 50 percent of the entire voter population in the 2016 election. However, according to, only 19 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 29 voted during the 2016 election.

Some people choose not to vote because they believe that their vote does not matter, but senior Sam Lay has a different opinion.

“Every election, every vote matters because you can get an election where it can just be decided by a few hundred votes,” Lay said.

In past years, several elections have come down to just a few votes. For instance, in 2009, Minnesota Senator Al Franken won his election by just 312 votes.

Senior Destiny Benefiel also agrees with Lay.

“Every vote counts, especially for the younger generation because [we account] for half of the voting [population], and we are such a diverse group that we could really put in the change for our future,” Benefiel said. “Every vote goes to something that matters.”

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