Apple ‘I’ Glitch


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53% of apple users have updated to iOS 11.1 and while it, on average, has a 4.5 star rating users have reported the same specific problem…

A ⍰

iOS 11.1 was released on Tuesday, Oct. 31 and like most updates it brought new layouts, emojis, and even a new Appstore design. What people weren’t expecting, however, was the small glitch that snuck in among all the changes. The letter ‘I’, if typed on its own would be changed to ‘A ⍰’ not only in typing but on web browsers, social media and everywhere in between. Although, to begin with, the company offered a solution through a ‘quick fix’ with key board shortcuts, the new iOS11.1.1 is said to have resolved the problem and fix some issues with Siri. Apple still has not said what caused the glitch but is offering instructions on how to create the keyboard shortcut and update your devices software on their website.