It’s Thanksgiving, not thanksgetting


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It’s that time of year again. Stores are filling up with plenty of Christmas ornaments and decorations that you can purchase to your heart’s content. Black Friday is steadily approaching, bringing all sorts of deals to all sorts of stores. Usually a couple days after this huge event, all kinds of disturbing and hilarious videos pop up all over the internet. People will stop at nothing for those unbeatable bargains.

But there’s one thing that really bugs me, and it should bug everyone. Recently, Black Friday has been slowly creeping back onto the day before, which is Thanksgiving, becoming Black Thursday. While some people do not celebrate Thanksgiving, the day is for giving thanks to what you have, hence the name “thanksgiving.” How can we give thanks when all we’re wanting to do is buy, buy, buy?

It’s a smart marketing move for businesses, since everybody is traveling to their loved ones, I’ll give Black Thursday that. However, it shouldn’t distract families from what really matters, which is their own family. That’s what Thanksgiving is all about. Thanksgiving is not Thanksgetting.