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Importance of New Drivers

Sophomores are getting to the point where they are able to get their driver’s license. This could be worrying for them as it presents something they have never experienced before, which is driving without an adult and new financial problems they have never encountered. New drivers are not allowed to legally drive passengers that are unrelated to them, but that rule seems to rarely be followed. This can cause distractions on the road that these new drivers would not be accustomed to and putting others at risk. It should be known to all drivers at North that these students will be on the road and should always be looked out for. 

Something new drivers often get confused with is where to park. When first time drivers come into the parking lot they are not quick to take spots in confusion of thinking that they are reserved for others. The only places that may be reserved are the spots specifically marked for teachers only. Unless there is a sign it’s basically just first come first serve, it’s doubtful anyone will care if you take a spot they want. With this comes the responsibility of parking in a place not only convenient for you , but for those around you as well. There is nothing quite more frustrating than having to climb over your seat because someone parked too close to your car door. Also be sure not to be too far into the road when angle parking so others can easily navigate the road. Park somewhere that works for everyone!

Up to this point teenagers do not have to spend much money on supporting themselves without the help of parents most of the time. With becoming a driver comes other requirements and needs, you are more than likely to be paying for your insurance and gas. This creates the problem of money being spent without any being made for many. Which in turn will urge the new driver to get a job to support their spendings. Getting a job at a young age teaches the person an important lesson that they will not always be given financial assistance from parents and need to learn to care for themselves. Knowing that soon you will need to refill for gas, or maybe the payment for insurance is soon to come, will also urge the person to save money. Saving money early will be greatly appreciated by your future self instead of buying those new shoes or clothes. 

Getting your license is a great time in life to have fun and learn lessons at the same time. With this being said hopefully more light is shown on the importance of getting your license to a person’s life. 

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