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What’s so standard about these tests?


Most students hate standardized testing. They think it is a waste of time which I believe it is. These tests do not help anything but to tell teachers and other staff where the students knowledge is. Teachers could easily see where their students are by looking at the grades. We do not need to be taking hour long tests if it is not benefiting us directly. Also some people do not test well which is unfair to them because it cannot show their full potential.

Students are stressed enough with all the work teachers give them, we do not need more tests to add on to the stress. It is completely unnecessary. I have never heard of someone being excited about ISTEP, ACT, or SAT days. I feel that most of the things on the tests are things we have never learned. It also leaves class unused when we could’ve been learning about the next thing.

I think that if there wasn’t standardized testing classes should run the same way. I think there still should be a chance to take AP or accelerated classes. It would all be the same minus the tests at the end of the course.

photo by: Jalynn Perry

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