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What’s Up with the Mall???


Recently there have been a ton of rumors about what is going to happen with the Fair Oaks Mall. Is it being turned into a sports complex, what is happening to the restaurants and stores, when are the changes happening, and many more rumors have been flying around. The mall has been dead for years and desperately needs an update. If the city can revamp the mall  it could potentially be one of the “hot” spots in Columbus.

One of the main rumors right now is that it’s being turned into a sports complex. It definitely makes sense considering the amount of open space in the building. They could definitely put basketball courts, soccer fields, and several workout spaces in the building. It seems like a lot of people in Columbus love their sports. A giant area where people could come together to play sports would make a lot of people happy and would bring in a lot of money. Columbus could potentially turn into a top destination to hold tournaments and competitions, which could skyrocket the sales of the businesses around the mall.

In my opinion they should change it into a sports complex. It makes a lot of sense and really the mall needs a change desperately and this would be perfect. They could leave the restaurants that are currently in the mall and they would have a ton of business plus it’s not like its bad food. Personally I would love a sports complex and I’m sure I’m not alone in that opinion.

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