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Home remedies


Cold and flu season is alive again this winter, and many students are finding themselves staying home sick. Walk in hours at the doctor can be busy, and sometimes it’s easier to just let the cold run its course. According to, four out of ten adults have tried a home remedy for a cold. Whether they work or not is debatable, but some argue they are worth a try. offers several home remedies for colds.

There are many home remedies for coughing and sore throats, including eating chicken noodle soup. Drinking hot beverages may help, such as warm lemonade or tea. suggests adding honey to tea, or even adding raw ginger root to boiling water to relieve a sore throat. For nasal congestion and sinus trouble, gargling salt water may clear up a stuffy nose. Additionally, using a humidifier or taking a warm bath can ease sinuses.

A few home remedies advertise to prevent illness and they tell to get plenty of Vitamin C, through oranges, lemons and leafy greens. Probiotics, which are found in yogurt or supplements, as well as garlic supplements may boost the immune system as well. It is unclear whether or not home remedies actually cure or just ease symptoms, but they might help students get through winter’s cold and flu season.

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