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Gilmore Girls review


Gilmore Girls has returned and definitely for a good reason. Netflix has recently made a huge comeback with a lot of shows, Fuller House, Arrested development and Black Mirror. Most people did not know what to do with themselves when Netflix made this big of a comeback with these shows. Netflix’s show record is pretty good considering it has only been popular for eight years.

“Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”, has a lot of surprises and a lot of unexpected reunions. The show is based on Lorelei Gilmore and her daughter Rory. Rory is brilliantly smart and in some ways acts like the mother, Lorelei. Lorelei is fun and outgoing and can sometimes be irresponsible, she owns a bed and breakfast called Dragonfly Inn with her friend Sookie and is somewhat overlooked by her well educated and rich parents. Later on Rory attends Yale and visits her mom frequently.

The beginning of “A Year in the Life”, the mother and daughter team reunite after months apart, we find out that Rory’s journalism career has skyrocketed. She got one of her pieces published in The New York Times and is now trying to figure out her next move. From steamy affairs, and unforgotten boyfriends, Rory goes through a whirlwind of job offers and is continuously let down. Lorelei and Luke get engaged and her dad dies. In four episodes there was definitely a lot of drama, surprising and important events that led to the big finale at the end of episode four. Episode four ends with a big bang of truth.

I really enjoyed watching the new season of Gilmore Girls because it definitely captured my attention and I found myself hitting “next episode” without even realizing it. There was only two things that I didn’t like about the new season. One was Rory’s success, because everyone thought that she was going to go really far in life and didn’t have to worry about anything. I thought it was a let down to see her where she is in her life today, she went to a job interview very unprepared and didn’t get the job because of her lack of responsibility. Another thing I did not like was how the last episode ended. It ends with a huge shock that left me wanting more. I wanted to die when I found out what happened. I highly recommend watching the season to find out what happened at the end, especially if you are a big fan of the show.

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