Tis the season for Christmas?


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Every year, Christmas decorations keep going up earlier and earlier. After Halloween, it is not a big deal now that you see Christmas decorations.

I always remember decorations being put up after Thanksgiving, but that whole idea has been completely changed. The mall has already been decorated for Christmas, Christmas music has already been playing on the radio and students are already starting to wear Christmas sweaters.

I am a huge fan of Christmas and getting into the Christmas spirit, but I draw the line on decorating and celebrating after Halloween. The ideal time for putting up decorations is definitely after Thanksgiving because after Thanksgiving you have a whole month to celebrate the upcoming holiday.

According to a poll by al.com 5,191 people agreed that Christmas decorations should be put up after Thanksgiving.

Decorating for Christmas is definitely a chore and takes a lot of time if you want everything to be perfect. I can see why people would want an early start on all the madness, but why decorate so early for one holiday? That is such a mind boggling question for me and I think everyone else.

Pewforum.com says that people get so into the holiday spirit and decorate early because it is such a religious holiday. The Christmas spirit gives off a joyful vibe making people feel happy and cherished.