Favorite Netflix Shows


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Scrolling through the endless list of tv shows, I finally settle on one of my favorites, The Flash.

There are over a thousand tv shows on Netflix, from reality tv to novelas, yet there is only a handful of shows I can call my favorite: The Flash, The Arrow, Baby Daddy, Young and Hungry and Bob’s Burgers. Even though I am caught up on all of these shows, I can still lay in bed for hours binge watching.

The handful of shows are my top choices, I like trying out new shows every month. I pick a genre and select the show that has the most stars. If the first episode is good, I continue watching, if it is not, then I scratch it from my list.

Everyone has a different taste, some people can enjoy documentaries while others prefer dramas. It all depends on their likes and dislikes. Either way, Netflix basically has it all, so you can pick and choose and settle on the perfect show.