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A Solution to the Shrunken Spring Break


As students trudge through the hallways, groaning about coming back early from spring break, some may wonder why we make up snow days in this way. Why should the fourth quarter begin early when we’ve just been provided new technology to not have to do so? It makes much more sense to utilize the brand new BCSC-promoted E-learning days by having them on the snow make-up days over spring break. The primary benefit of this is the convenience for both students and faculty. Learning from my laptop from the comfort of my own home for the last few days of break by far tops sitting in class for an unproductive make-up week. Additionally, this would provide teachers the opportunity to test out e-learning days this year, instead of waiting for a seventh snow day that may not occur for years to come. The main concern of having snow make-up days during spring break is attendance. Having e-learning days instead of full school days would likely boost student attendance and participation, as an hour of online learning would be much more appealing to students. Also, wifi is available at most vacation destinations, so those that normally miss make-up days because of their location could now participate. The nicer weather on spring break also makes a trip to a school for those without internet access much more safe and likely. Online learning is becoming more and more prominent in today’s society, and many other schools have moved to having one-to-one technology and online make-up days. Having e-learning days to make up for snow days that would usually shorten our spring break is a smarter and more appealing method of gaining 180 days of education.

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