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I pick a book and read it, page after page until I’m done with it. And for every thrilling book series I read, I expect it to turn into a movie. Yet, it even if it does, it does not always go as planned.

There have been several series that have turned into movies. For example: the “Hunger Games” series, the “Divergent” series, the “Twilight” series, the “Maze Runner” series, and the list goes on. The movies can go two ways, they can either turn out pretty accurate to the book or they can be completely opposite.

In most cases, they turn out completely different. The films have the same plot, but almost everything else is changed. Sometimes, even though the movies are really different from the book, it works out. For example, the “Maze Runner” series was very different from the books, but the movie was so good that all the details the books had did not matter as much. In other cases the movies that are not like the books can go downhill, just like the “Divergent” series. I thought the series was fantastic, but the movies were not the best. The films needed those details that the book had in order to make it better.

On rare cases the movies are mostly accurate to the books; just like “The Hunger Games.” The four movies of the series had the details the books had. They were similar to the books both through plot and detail. It was one of the best books that were turned into movies.

Most of the time books are turned into movies. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. Even if films are not the best, I think it is a good idea to have made them. I like how the words in the book are turned into a visual.

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