Slam Dunk

The girl’s basketball season kicks off


Mia Wilson, Contributor

The squeaks of tennis shoes and team cheers fill the gym as the basketball team dribbles the ball down the court. There are only a few seconds left on the clock and the score is tied. Giving it everything they’ve got, one player leaps and goes in for the winning basket moments before the buzzer sounds, officially ending the game. Jumping up and down, the girls celebrate the victory that they have trained tirelessly for. Some have even trained for years. Sophomore Olivia Johnson has been playing basketball since she was in the fourth grade. “I play basketball because I love the sport and the social and physical benefits I get from it,” Johnson said. Basketball requires physical strength, strong coordination, and a powerful team bond. Junior Rylie Boezeman expresses her love for the skills it has taught her. “Basketball is a great team sport. It promotes teamwork, communication, and friendships with coaches and teammates,” Boezeman said. “ It has helped me socially with my friends especially with ones on the team, it has kept me in good shape, and basketball is a big thing that has bonded my family together because we all either play the sport or just like watching it.” The girl’s basketball team has worked for their success through long practices and tiring exercises under the guidance of Brett White, a veteran basketball coach. White has been coaching basketball for 25 years, but this is his first year as a varsity head coach. “The most difficult part of coaching basketball is the time I have to be away from my family,” White said. “I have always appreciated the sacrifices they have to make in order for me to do something that I love. My father was a basketball coach, so I was introduced to it at a very young age. I enjoy the competition and strategy of the sport.” Boezeman talked about how basketball requres practice and confidence, which are developed through constant practicing. “We always begin practice with a warm-up drill. This takes around 10 minutes. Then, we have about eight minutes to stretch,” Bozeman said. “After stretching, we have different drills that allow us to get up and down the floor. This contributes to our conditioning. Every practice, we spend time going over offense and defense. Finally, we end by breaking it down as a team.” Despite the physical exhaustion of the sport, the team keep up their spirits. “Basketball is a sport that teaches you how to deal with adversity. It is a sport that many times has more failures than successes,” White said. “It teaches players to put those failures aside and move on to the next situation. This is all learned in a team atmosphere where you must depend on and work with others.” As the girls head into the season, they get their heads into the game, not letting their nerves get to them. “I am not nervous about this season, but very excited about our potential. I am ambitious to meet and exceed our goals,” Boezeman said. The girl’s season officially started on Oct. 18. “I would say that I am more excited than nervous about the season. The main reason to be nervous is if you are not prepared,” White said. “I feel that I am prepared for the season and our team will be as well.”