Distinguished by Diversity

Highlighting and exploring the cultures of Columbus


Diversity in our community is growing. From exchange students to expats, we have a surge of different kinds of people. The melting pot of cultures and stories blend to make a depth of experiences in our school community. Our exchange program is an excellent example of our diversity. One member of this program is Clementine Domine, a French student studying English and experiencing a new culture.
“I have a really great host family. It’s really fun, different from the school in France.” Domine said of the exchange program at North.
The differences in school systems and familial teachings worldwide converge more than ever, and Domine provided insight into what school is like abroad. She lives in a small town north of France called Anor, bordering Belgium.
“This is a really, really small town. There are as many people in my town as there are people in the school. It’s really fun, different than the school in France. We go to the school from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.,” Domine said.
Shenyi Gong also shared how cultural differences come together in our school. Her favorite aspect of diversity in our school was the language hallway’s culture fair.
“I like the language hallway, they had that culture fair like a few years ago, and I really liked that because it really showcases the different cultures and like languages associated with all the school’s students and such,” Gong said.
Another thing Gong shared was the town’s remarkable demonstration of diversity. The celebrations of culture and diversity in our city and our school community help highlight how valuable it is to celebrate the numerous cultural backgrounds joining here to make our community.
“Columbus-wise, I feel like we do a lot. Because especially with the expo, it really showcases how much diversity we have in Columbus, and it just welcomes everyone to our town,” Gong said.