Blue and White Night

Athletics held a sports preview for the 2021-2022 school year


Isabel Fay

Parents lined the fence of the track during the Blue and White night trike race event. Blue and White night was brought back after being canceled due to COVID last year.

Blue and White night was held on Aug. 7. The event was the first event held by the school since the early summer.
Freshman Carli Freeman participated in the Trike Race held at the event and thought that the event hosted a great atmosphere of what athletics offered this year.
“Blue and White was a ton of fun,” Freeman said. “There were so many activities and fundraising opportunities that you could take place in. It also had all of the athletes from all the sports which was fun because everyone was supporting each other.”
While attending the event, Freeman felt little hesitation about attending as COVID cases were rising.
“I wasn’t that worried because even though there were no masks, the event was very cautious and COVID aware, but in a fun way,” Freeman said. “I loved how all of the sports were involved and were supporting each other”
Junior John Merritt also attended the event and explained his thoughts on the event.
“Blue and white night was very exciting and entertaining. With everything to watch and participate in, I had a really good time,” Merritt said. “I liked participating in the trike race and best of all, winning. I thought it was pretty smooth and well-executed.”
Junior Mallory Gilley enjoyed seeing her soccer coach in the dunk tank.
“My favorite part of the evening was being able to dunk my coach in the Dunk Tank. I also enjoyed being able to participate in the soccer game, even though I got kicked in the face,” Gilley said.