Masks Required, BCSC Reopening Plan Adapted

BCSC School Board votes unanimously on mask requirement for K-12 staff and students.


After two (2) days of students being in-person, we have reported 33 positive cases (30 students) after having reported 29 total cases during last year’s entire first quarter.

— BCSC Statement

A little after 9 p.m. last night, the BCSC school board voted unanimously to require masks for all staff and students.

In last night’s school board meeting, data was collected after only two days of being in school; thirty-six community members signed up to speak at the Aug. 9 meeting. Students have mixed feelings about the new requirements.

“I think it is stupid since we cannot see each other’s faces or get to know each other. What’s the point of coming to school if we can’t socialize or hear our teachers,” sophomore Bethany VonFange said.

However, senior Alicia Morales is in favor of masks for all students and staff.

“I feel safe because everyone around me in the school environment will be doing their part as well,” she said.

The board will continue to monitor local spread, and will be prepared to make changes.

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