Counseling Center Updates

Isabelle Larken, Contributor

The counseling center has a few new changes this year to accommodate various student needs. On the counseling center itslearning page, you can find their newsletter. To visit your counselor, fill out a request form on itslearning under the counseling center. Counselors are now determined by student last name.

  • Ms. Freshour
    • Last names A-FO
  • Ms. Shireman
    • Last names FP-LL
  • Mr. Ragsdale
    • Last names LM-ROG
  • Ms. Tucker
    • Last names ROH-Z
  • Mr. Pemberton
    • Counseling center director/special education counselor

The PSAT registration deadline is Sept. 14, and the date of the PSAT is Oct. 14. The ACT test will be on Oct. 20, and it is for seniors only.