Summer Falling Into Autumn


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Fall is technically supposed to start on Sep. 23. The weather right now is better than the weather that we had over the summer. Fall is my favorite season but I don’t think I will be able to enjoy it as much as I was able to last year. Fall is when the leaves start changing colors and they begin to fall, but with it being so warm that may be delayed. This month has been a record setting year for 90 degree days in a while.

I enjoy the fashion in the fall, sweaters, sweatshirts, and boots. They are all of the comfortable clothing items. I would much rather wear more layers as well. In the summer I feel like I am not able to wear what I want and what I like to wear. In summer you are pretty limited to wearing shorts and t-shirts, but in the fall you can wear many layers. The shoe selection is also much better. 

Now that the season has started I am starting to believe that are no seasons. Its almost like that seasons all run together because there hasn’t been a distinct type of weather for each season for awhile now. I think that once the summer weather is over it will feel more like winter and fall. This summer season has been one of the record breaking years for the heat index to be so high. Not only is America being affected by the heat wave other countries are too. I believe that climate change plays a part in this heat.