The Band Marches On


Alyssa Ayers

There is a first time for everything. First steps, first bike ride, first plane ride, first trophy, first championship and even first victory. But for the first times in twenty years, The Sound of North had a different first, the first time not making it into semi-state.

This was not the first competition of The Sound of North’s season. They had a couple of competitions under their belt.

“Invationals in different schools, ISSMA regionals. We also competed last weekend in BOA super Indy regionals in lucas oil stadium,” junior Dariana Chavez said.  

The ISSMA regionals was the competition that determined the teams placement to move onto semi- state.

“At first, we all thought it was a mistake, that they just skipped us and accidentally didn’t announce us, but then when they said the awards were over, we realized we didn’t make it. We kinda just didn’t know how to react and we all got back and started crying,” freshmen Catharine Brunette said

The devastation of this loss was felt by the majority of the band, but it hit one group harder than the rest.

“There were a lot of tears, especially from the seniors. I felt really sad for them that they didn’t make it . I also cried to because I was really sad, and we were expecting to make it and we didn’t,” Chavez said.

This year the band had a new line up.  

“This year we competed against advanced teams that were really good, we were really prepared, we felt that we were prepared and we did our best” Chavez said.

These teams attributed as one of the main causes of keeping North from advancing to semi-state

“Avon and Caramel: they are two really good bands that usually don’t come which is why we are usually able to advance, but this year since they did, we got knocked down a few more places” Brunette said.

More than just other bands hurt the Sound of North chances of advancing to semi-state.

“Getting our show on the field quicker would have been a lot of help and learning the music faster would have helped too” Chavez said

Although they did not leave with a victory, the loss does not limit their work ethic

“We practice during school, we have a class, and we practice 3 to 4 hours afterwards. We spend around sixteen to eighteen hours on competition days,” Brunette said.

As the band competed in their next competition, BOA Super Indy regionals, reflection time occured on their experience at ISSMA regionals.

“Even though we didn’t advance to semi state, we still worked hard and so it didn’t bring us down and we were ready to go back out again and practice more so we could do better at BOA,” Chavez said.