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The Price of Prom


Why are prom dresses so expensive? With prom happening in a matter of weeks, buying dresses is, of course, all anyone is focused on. I myself love shopping for a prom dress and it is a lot of fun; until you look at the price tag. No, I do not want to pay $600 for a dress where the beading is already falling off, but thanks. And why is a tux so much cheaper than a dress? Most girls already have to pay for hair, makeup and nails. Why do designers think teenage girls can afford these prices for their prom dresses? Obviously, a lot of us simply can’t. Most of the time the end result is our parents having to pay for the dress for us.

According to USA Today, the average price of a prom dress in the Midwest is $610, $699 in the Northeastern states, $625 in the West and $619 in the South. CBS News states that the average price for a rental prom tux is $141. Yes, prom is a cherished memory for many teenage girls in high school, but we only wear the dress for one night. We are paying for this single night, and then the dress will either be sold or hidden away in our closets until the end of time, never to see the light of day again. Overall, my point is prom dresses are ridiculously overpriced and frankly it’s not fair to anyone involved.


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