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The Glass Castle, 2017


2017’s newest movie, The Glass Castle, could be considered a big deal at CNHS. Incoming sophomores in accelerated english are required to read The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls over the summer, along with Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha. Sophomore Bree Gayman tried to spread the word about this book to movie adaptation.

“I think that most students will try to get by on only watching the movie, instead of reading the book. I don’t recommend this because there is not as much content in the movie and you will probably fail the tests, quizzes, and discussion questions.”

Gayman thought that watching this movie would be worthwhile to students in upcoming classes.

“I’m not sure what will happen in the next few years, but watching the movie was beneficial to me because Mrs. McInteer gave extra credit if we wrote a page summary about our likes and dislikes.” The movie is not useful because it has a very different timeline compared to the book.

Most students were unhappy with the movie adaptation of The Glass Castle because the ending portrayed something totally different than what Jeannette Walls wrote in her memoir.

“I thought it was okay, just because it was a movie ending. I don’t have the highest expectations for book to movie adaptations, so overall it was okay, but by no means was it my favorite. If you’re going to listen to the story, then you should definitely go for the book instead of the movie.” Gayman Said. 

My mantra is, and always will be, “you have to fight for yourself.” This book hit home in some places, and I thought the movie slid right across Jeannette’s character developments in ways I did not appreciate. I will forever recommend this book and hope all incoming sophomores have the opportunity to read it.

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