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Making a difference, one trip at a time


Spring break, a time of vacation, relaxation and overall, resting for the last stretch of the school year, but for freshman Molly Dye, this was the exact opposite.

Dye recently went on a mission trip with her church to Guatemala for Spring Break.

“I had been excited about this trip for awhile now,” Dye said. “It let me get a better perspective on life around the world, opposed to what I see in Columbus everyday.”

Dye went on this trip to benefit the people of Guatemala as well as herself.

“I was inspired to go on this trip because I knew it would be fun and I would get a chance to practice my Spanish,” she said. “ I also figured that it would be nice to do more action to help other people. At our church we do lots of fundraisers and stuff, like hot meals, but I thought it would be more fun to try something with more physical labor and see physical results.”

Dye went with 11 other volunteers from her church to work on various tasks for a Guatemalan school. This was her church’s first mission trip that lasted over a day.

“Our group built a bathroom for a school in one of the mountains,” she said “Throughout the week we filled the bathroom with dirt to level it out, and put mortar on the walls, made a sink and built septics. I learned that I was not good at mortaring, but I was ‘okay’ at shoveling.”

She also got to meet and interact with many Guatemalan residents, especially the school children.

“When we first walked in on the first day, one little girl was jumping up and down and then 30 kids came out to hug us. Everyone was so nice.” Dye said. “All the people we saw on the street would say ‘buenos dias’ to us.  It’s a much more social environment and that was very welcoming.”  

Along with interacting with the residents of Guatemala, Dye and her group got to explore Guatemala for two and half days.  

“On the first day we went to a city called Chichicastenango where we bought things from the local marketplace and learned about the history and religion of Guatemala,” she said. “On our last day, we went on a boat ride to a hotel and had breakfast. We then to San Andreas and learned about weaving and how they stain the cloth to make blankets and clothing. After we had to time to shop and buy souvenirs.”

Overall, Dye feels as if she benefited from going on this trip.

“Even though I was sore in a lot of places I didn’t know I could be sore in, I am happy I went,” Dye said. “I learned to appreciate the things that I have that others do not. This trip has helped me prove to myself that I can work harder. My Spanish got better, and I also was able to get more acquainted with people in my church.”

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