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Not your regular scary movie


The theatre is jam packed on a Saturday night. My friend and I scatter around to try to find a seat. We were filled with excitement to see this movie; we could hardly sit still and watch all the previews. As the movie begins the lights dim and silence fills the room.

The movie Split is about a man who has 23 different personalities. These personalities each tell him to do certain things and act a certain way. The movie begins with three girls leaving a Birthday party and getting inside the car, a man enters and they soon realize it is not their dad. Kevin does not waste anytime in dragging them to his lair and having them there for his own pleasure. The three girls, Claire, Marcia and Casey soon figure out that he has multiple personalities and tries to get them to turn on each other. Kevin’s troubled mind and soul has many sad thoughts, but they are also funny. One of his personalities is a nine year old boy and I found myself laughing throughout the movie because of his thoughts and actions. This struck me as odd and I remember I asked myself “Why am I laughing?”. It was definitely interesting to see each personality take a turn on each other and the obstacles that each one faced. Kevin goes to a psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher who helps Kevin. Fletcher makes him question why he is really keeping these girls hostage.

M. Night Shayamalan is known for inevitable twists and gut wrenching movies, but he definitely disappointed me with the movie Split. There was definitely a twist at the end, but not what I thought was going to happen or what I was expecting. I was expecting the movie to be a psychological thriller, but the overall message was not that at all. I highly suggest that you don’t go see this movie with high expectations because it will only let you down.

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