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Netflix vs. Hulu


As I try to figure out what I want to do with my free time, I always end up asking myself the same question: “Movies or shows?” therefore basically asking, “Netflix or Hulu?” Most of the time my answer is movies, aka Netflix.

There are hundreds of movies and shows streamed on Netflix, but I usually use it more for movies. The movie genres can vary, from comedy to horror or from classics to new releases. There are so many options on Netflix that I always end up leaning more towards it than I do with Hulu. Although I may prefer Netflix due to their amount of movies, the monthly pay is a bit too extreme. There are three plans that Netflix offers, the basic, standard and premium. If you want Netflix to be worth it, then most people get the premium. Premium allows multiple screens watching at once and ultra HD.

Although Netflix might have an excessive charge and I also lean more towards their movies, it also consists of Netflix Originals. Netflix Originals are shows created and driven by Netflix. Having the extra shows to watch increases the amount of people subscribed to Netflix.

It might seem like Netflix has it all, but in reality it does not have some TV shows that Hulu streams. I sometimes find myself getting on Hulu rather than Netflix because Netflix does not have some of my favorite shows, such as Awkward or Rick and Morty. Hulu also has a strong advantage of airing current tv series, unlike Netflix where it takes several months for the entire series to air. Hulu’s pricing is not as extreme as Netflix, it only costs $7.99 per month. Even if the price is lower, when you watch Hulu, there can only be one screen playing at the same time. Subscribing to Hulu is better for you if you lean more towards current tv shows than anything else.

Netflix and Hulu both have their disadvantages and advantages. For me, Netflix is better due to the amount of movies they have and their original shows. Most of the time I end up getting on Netflix more than I go to Hulu. They are both good and provide multiple things, but for me Netflix is better than Hulu.

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