Throughout the year trends come and go; whether it is fashion, food, or social media. Instagram has been around since October 2010 and throughout the years it has gained millions of users. With million of users come millions of post. Yet, before posting there is always a slight hesitation, “Is this Instagram worthy?” Now the hesitation is gone with the new trend: Finstagram.

“Finstagram is when people make new Instagrams where they can post whatever they want, they control how many people follow them and who they follow,”  junior Emily Krider said.

For Krider, her finstagram is her go to place when wanting to post crazy pictures.

“It’s your own personal place to put pictures that you wouldn’t show on your normal instagram,” Krider said.

Several Finsta Accounts have been made throughout the days. It is a way to get creative with the post, knowing that you will not be judged for it.